What is it with Animal lovers?

Ok. This is gonna hit a nerve with some folks.


I don’t have what you would call a “love of animals”.  I don’t hate them, but I certainly value human life much more. I don’t understand the mentality behind those ads that ask people to give $19 a month to help save animals. The economy what it is, I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind doing this. If I had $19 a month to give, and a charity that I trusted enough to give it to, I’m gonna pick one that feeds people or gives shoes to and coats to kids.

We, in America, have too many animals like cats and dogs anyway. Many municipalities have had to create departments to track, control and “discard” the problem specimens. How much of a problem would world hunger be if humans could separate these animals from their emotions and we were to re-purpose the animal control departments for exporting the animals to 3rd world nations? We could ship cats and dogs that cause us problems to nations that would be more than happy to learn how to prepare them into meals.

I know we have a problem with that concept in general in this country; where we have substantial abundance to become obese and still have the excess to feed our pets. But in a place where meals are few and far between, how many people would be thankful for a meal of any sort? I know the answer is not this simple, but why would it be so hard to make the change in culture? If we could work on thinking this way about more things, maybe we could solve more problems.


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