Bike Trails!

I just learned of a site, evidently built by an NWA native, for sharing biking and other trail information. Go check it out!


(The place I found this site said it was created by a local, but the contact info doesn’t jive. Oh well. Cool site anyway.)


Old School Facebook

Remember when Facebook was a little cooler? You could see all the most recent updates from your friends, at least the ones you chose to follow, all on your front page. It didn’t matter if it was just a status update or a video post, images, links… whatever. If you had the friend in your follow list, their posts showed up on your front page. I think I figured out how to get as close to that as the new Facebook will let you get.

Go to the list of update links on the left of the front page. Click on “More” then click on “Create New List”. In the resulting panel, type the name you want to give the list, select the friends you want to follow, then click “Save”. Now grab the new List by the lines to the right of the name and drag it to the top. Your new list is now the default view on your FB Homepage!


It works pretty well for me. Post in the comments and let me know how it works for you.