Should I upgrade to OSX Mountain Lion?

Yep. It’s only $20. What’s so hard about that?


White River, AR

My family and I love playing in the White River. We camp near there a lot. We float it, wade it and fish it. It’s a beautiful river that’s easy for beginners to float, filled with trout and well-maintained by the Corps of Engineers as well as the locals.

Millage didn’t pass!

I’m glad.

The millage is not the issue. The problem is what the school board planned to do with the money. It was a complete waste. I posted a pretty hot-headed comment on the page above.


I’m not against a millage increase and neither are most of the people I have talked to about this issue. The problem is the horrendous misappropriation of the funds. $23 million for a sports complex, that only a portion of the children will benefit from, and will require an expensive upkeep plan, is a ridiculous proposal.

A plan so obviously asinine makes me want to call for an investigation of the administration; the board and the superintendent. For this plan to even be proposed, corruption has to be behind it. What kind of money can members of the administration funnel to their own pockets or their personal interests by increasing the size of the athletic complex and padding the expense of the expansion? I would seriously like to propose that the District hire an independent forensic accountant to make sure there is no corruption. When the cost per sq.ft. is twice the nearest most-expensive expansion, an investigation needs to be opened about the use of each and every dollar. How high up do we have to go before the red flags are acknowledged?

In the unlikely event that corruption is not a factor, it would mean they lack true concern for the students. The school boards EXACT purpose is to make decisions that benefit the education of our children. The kind of expense on athletic facilities (which EXCLUDE many students) does not have the welfare of the entire student population at heart. No other department is allowed to exclude students from their curriculum based on anything other than meeting prerequisite courses.

There are many ways to reduce over-crowding without the kind of rampant spending that was proposed. If you want to see how it works, look at poorer school districts in the state. Personally, I grew up in a poorer school district than my children are privileged to attend. When the buildings filled up, the district filled the playground with portable buildings. One of the problems we have in Bentonville is that so many wealthy people in the area either never knew or forgot what it was like to not have money. The athletic department is not the only issue. The cost per sq.ft is double Siloam Springs BEFORE the inclusion of the athletic complex. Are we going to build a school, with education as its primary goal, or a “Six Flags Over Education” just like “Six Flags Over Jesus” down the road? Both lack the conviction and substance of smaller and more thoughtful approaches.

So, school board and superintendent, what do you prefer we think of you? Corrupt, Inept, or Irresponsible?

STILL upgrading the HD in my Mac…

Yeah. Spent the $20 on Winclone, but it still won’t boot under Bootcamp/Win7.

Frustrating. I’ve formatted, imaged, and restored this thing 4 or 5 times now. I’ve swapped hard drives 6 or 7 times now as well. I kinda need this to work…

I’ve never had this much trouble upgrading the HD in a Windows machine or a Mac. I don’t know why having a dual-boot system makes it so much more complicated.


I never got it to work. I sent error logs to the software folks and they offered me a refund. I ended up creating a new partition and installing Win7 from scratch. I couldn’t get any of the Windows Restore software to work either; the problem with that software is that it requires a boot to DOS/other media in order to make the image from which to restore. With Bootcamp on the Mac, that doesn’t work because it won’t let you go into the proper diagnostic mode automatically.

The other problem now is that Windows Authentication still thinks I’m running my license on “another PC”, when its actually on an old HD, so I guess I’m going to end up calling Microsoft to tell them what happened in order to get rid of that message.

Upgrading the Hard Drive in my Macbook Pro…

…has turned out to be more difficult than I would have imagined. I had a 500GB drive with Mac OS and Win7 partitions. I got a good deal on a 1TB drive and getting the disk images moved over has been a bear. The Mac side is working so far. The Win7 image is on the partition, but the dang thing won’t boot. I’ve tried a few things I found online to no avail… Guess I’m hitting the sack tonight and will try again tomorrow.

Or maybe not. Camping weekend. 🙂

Hello world!

This is the first post of my new blog, Real Family Man! I hope to be able to create a site that’s full of interesting information from all sorts of sources and comment on it all. Perhaps we can create a nice community and learn together through informative, well-structured and civil comments for each post.

I call it Real Family Man, because that’s what I am. I don’t pretend to be something that I’m not. I’m not holier than thou, I’m not super liberal or super conservative, I’m not too much of one thing or too much of its opposite. I think most modern family men are there with me. Let’s find out.