STILL upgrading the HD in my Mac…

Yeah. Spent the $20 on Winclone, but it still won’t boot under Bootcamp/Win7.

Frustrating. I’ve formatted, imaged, and restored this thing 4 or 5 times now. I’ve swapped hard drives 6 or 7 times now as well. I kinda need this to work…

I’ve never had this much trouble upgrading the HD in a Windows machine or a Mac. I don’t know why having a dual-boot system makes it so much more complicated.


I never got it to work. I sent error logs to the software folks and they offered me a refund. I ended up creating a new partition and installing Win7 from scratch. I couldn’t get any of the Windows Restore software to work either; the problem with that software is that it requires a boot to DOS/other media in order to make the image from which to restore. With Bootcamp on the Mac, that doesn’t work because it won’t let you go into the proper diagnostic mode automatically.

The other problem now is that Windows Authentication still thinks I’m running my license on “another PC”, when its actually on an old HD, so I guess I’m going to end up calling Microsoft to tell them what happened in order to get rid of that message.


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