This is a place where I can post links and comments about things in general. I’m a Dad, a dedicated Husband and a regular Working Stiff and I find that many of my friends are in the same place in life. We are each different, but still have similar interests, senses of humor and struggle with many of the same issues. I figured rather than bother all my friends with links in emails or posts on Facebook, I could go into more depth with many of the things I find in the World Wild Web with a blog.

I think I’m a typical modern guy; at least I hope I am. And I feel like many of my friends “get” where I’m coming from. The deal is, I’m a Christian, a real one. I’m not the type of person who claims to be a Christian, then spends all my free time walking around downtown with a big sign saying that “God Hates {insert latest targeted group}”. I’m not afraid to admit that I have relatives, LOVED ONES, who are of all sorts of different persuasions and that I love them all and that I KNOW God loves them as well. I am a Christian because I have a relationship with Christ, not because I go to a church (which I don’t) or subscribe to its dogma and traditions.

That being said, I’m not afraid to admit that I love watching Blazing Saddles and I appreciate a good stand up comic like Lewis Black or George Carlin.  I don’t understand the dogma that criticizes and demonizes humor. Sure, there are some things we don’t want our kids hearing or knowing yet, but I’m not a kid.

I’m also a fan of scientific discovery and I don’t see how learnin’ stuff will make me less of a Christian or even wobble my faith, much less destroy it. Faith is a muscle; if you never use it, it will atrophy and die. Go ahead, read the Da Vinci Code, it’s a good story… just remember it’s fiction. I bet Jesus liked it when He read it.

At any rate, my hope is to have a place where I can have some sort of outlet about anything I come across and find interesting and want to share. It’s also my hope that I can figure out how to get some ads running on the side of the page and maybe make a little income from this thing… 😀

Just remember that I’m a normal guy. I like funny stuff, I like serious stuff. Sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong, sometimes I’m both! As you read these posts, just remember that I’m human and so are you. If we can all manage to remember that, we’ll be much better off.




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