Cool Pool table

If you’re into classic cars (and who isn’t? ), check this really cool pool table out!

They don’t show a profile, probably because it would obviously show how the “body” has been shortened, but otherwise it looks great. It would make a great addition to my man cave one day… once I build a man cave…

Mustang Pool Table


Got a product idea?

This is a pretty cool site.

They help inventors/ideators develop the products of their dreams with the help of crowd sourcing, then they take them to production when the product receives enough pre-orders. I haven’t actually purchased anything, but it’s a great idea!

You can even see how much each contributor gets paid for each unit sold and it doesn’t look bad, considering not a lot is required upfront to start developing.

If anyone has experience, either from the buying or creating sides, post a comment and let me know your thoughts!