Picasaweb Mobile for iPhone

I have been looking high and low for either an app (preferably free) or a workaround that allows me to view my entire Picasa web album set on my iPhone. The standard site automatically redirects to the mobile version and I can’t find a way to turn that off. The problem with that is the limitations built into the Picasa site. You can’t see the complete list of albums and if you have more than 100 pictures in an album, you can’t see all of them.
I have found a 99 cent alternative, even though I think what I spent for the extra storage space with Picasa should entitle me to be able to see my whole account on my mobile device. (c’mon Google, all you need to do is put a link at the bottom for “desktop mode” just like many of your other iPhone web apps.)

The alternative, Web Albums is available for just $.99 at the App Store and does its job pretty simply and plainly; it displays all of your Picasa albums and all your photos.

The only thing lacking in the app is Favorites or the ability to add multiple albums, such as those you have been invited to by friends. I’d also like to see some Facebook and Flikr integration as well as the ability to save images to my iPhone without having to email it to myself. Otherwise it’s pretty solid.

Leave comments or links if you know of better options.


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