iPhone Repairs?

I’m working on my second iPhone. I took really good care of the first one, then upgraded to the newer 3GS. I haven’t had any issues with it, but I know that getting it repaired or purchasing the “insurance” on one can be pretty expensive.

I found a site that not only shows you how to repair a lot of things yourself, but also sells the kits of parts.


How we started

Block Image

Kyle taking apart an iBook G4
We started out fixing an old iBook together. There were no instructions on how to do it, so we started the way everyone does: the hard way.
We tinkered. We fiddled. We broke some tabs and lost a few screws. But we fixed it!
We attempted to fix some other laptops but had trouble finding parts. So we bought a broken computer on eBay and stole parts from it. Then we decided to start selling the parts ourselves, and iFixit was born.
But that’s not the whole story. All of our customers still had to do things the hard way, just like we did. Easy-to-use repair instructions didn’t exist — yet.

They have lots of How-to articles and parts kits for all kinds of stuff. I really like the initiative of these guys… applying the whole hot rod tweaking mechanic gene that most guys have and applying it to our technogadgets.


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