Praise God… now let’s see if the Pharma Co’s let it happen

I’ve never met this lady, but I love her. I’m a Type 1 Diabetic, also known as Insulin Dependent or Juvenile Diabetes. I require insulin injections because my pancreas doesn’t work. This is a very different disease from the more common Type 2, or Adult-onset Diabetes.

The article title is a little misleading as the tech is still in the very early stages. I also doubt the pharmaceutical industry will let this slide by as they stand to lose millions each year in revenue if Diabetics everywhere can finally be cured.

Nanotechnology to end insulin injections for diabetics

(image courtesy

From the article:

Insulin injections may soon be a thing of the past for diabetics thanks to nano-technology. At UCSF Professor of bioengineering, Tejal Desai, implants millions of pancreatic cells that secrete insulin into tiny capsules that can be implanted into the body in an effort to create an artificial pancreas. When blood sugar flows inside the capsule, it stimulates the cells to produce insulin to control sugar levels. The device has nano pores, pores so small that the body’s antibodies cannot get in to attack the cells, but large enough that the insulin can flow out and into the body.

The video does not clarify WHERE the healthy pancreatic cells come from, but one would imagine that they would have to come from a deceased donor. Studies have been done with islet cell transplants with positive results, but a lot of work remains.

I can’t wait to hear more about this as it develops!


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